Our electoral process

We believe that voters’ voices should be heard in Frankfort and Washington. You deserve a seat at the table.

Our democracy has been taken over by outsiders, financial interests, and out-of-state think tanks. Many politicians have to immediately begin fundraising for reelection on their first day in office.

Kentuckians will not be heard in Frankfort or Washington until politicians stop listening to donors and start listening to voters.

  • We support moving to publicly funded state elections. This will make it easier for anyone in our state to run for office, and shut out the out-of-state donors who have taken over Kentucky politics.
  • We support repealing Citizens United. Politicians should be accountable to their constituents, not shadowy special interests.
  • We support ending gerrymandering. Redrawing districts to preserve political interests is anti-public.
  • We support creating strong accountability policies for state government. Information and data about what happens in government should be transparent, easy to understand, and easy to access.