Our environment

We believe that in Kentucky, there are few things more sacred than the land upon which we live. It provides the food for our families, the water which we drink, and inspiration that drives us to do great things.

Our land, and the men and women who work the land, provide the power for our growth as a Commonwealth. Faced with a changing climate and an emerging energy economy, we must provide for both our workers and our land. We must recognize the service of those who labored to power Kentucky, and be sure their needs are met.

Kentuckians will not have control over their environment until the state government prioritizes people over corporations.

  • We support targeting financial reinvestment into coal communities. They should decide how this reinvestment is prioritized.
  • We support the manufacturing of new energy technology in our state. Our state’s labor powered the nation for over a century — and we must continue that tradition as technology advances.
  • We support growing a state-wide local food system. We need to make sure family farms are profitable and that we can continue our state’s great farming tradition.
  • We support our state parks and landmarks, and those who maintain them. The next generations of Kentuckians should be able to enjoy Natural Bridge State Park, Red River Gorge, the Land the Between the Lakes, Pine Mountain, Mammoth Cave, and more.